Cyber Operations Planner

Location: Columbia, Maryland
Date Posted: 03-13-2018
Cyberspace Joint Operations Planner, levels II and III
Monitors and reviews strategies, doctrine, policies, directives, and instructions from higher echelon headquarters and makes recommendations to ensure compliance and/or consideration in planning efforts 
Develops plans and orders through the application of operational art and operational design, and by using the JOPP, within the milestones, deliverables, and interaction points for plans developed using Adaptive Planning and Execution (APEX) activities 
Develops briefings, transitioning concepts to execution, and assisting in the coordination of joint operational planning in support of training, exercises, combat, and contingency plans and operations 
Develops and integrates cyberspace capabilities into deliberate, contingency, operation, and crisis action planning 
Develops TTPs, CONOPs, COAs, and other related documents related to OCO, DCO, and the securing, operating, and defending of the DODIN 
Address shortfalls, prioritizes and validates requirements, and capable of modifying development planning efforts based on the changing cyberspace environment 
Contributes to the development of exercise scenarios, exercise operational plans, and other required documentation to support planning and execution to accomplish USCYBERCOM exercise training priorities 
Conducts research of current and emerging threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) 
Acts a full participant and provides technical assistance to JPG and, OPG/OPTs developing and integrating cyber capabilities into plans, and in support of Combatant Commander planning efforts 
Knowledgeable of cyberspace operations planning activities coordination through the Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations (IJSTO), to include Evaluation Request and Response Messages, SAP procedures, and the Review and Approval Process for Cyberspace Operations (RAPCO)
Possesses a complete understanding of all planning methodologies and applications in all phases of military operations
Able to support the development of cyberspace operations plans, contingency plans, CONOPs, and orders 
Assists with the coordination of joint operation planning in support of combat and contingency operations 
Knowledgeable of and participates in all phases and steps of the JOPP and APEX activities
Expert in at least one of USCYBERCOM’s Lines of Operation to secure, operate, and defend the DODIN, plan and conduct DCO, and plan and conduct OCO when authorized 
Level II: 5-years experience as a Joint Ops Planner. 
Level III: 10-years experience as a Joint Ops Planner. 
Complete working knowledge of the JOPP, Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES), and APEX planning formats and guidance 
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university 
Specialized education in military joint operation planning through the Joint Professional Military Education Phase I (JPME I). The Joint Information Officer Planning Course (JIOPC), Joint Cyber Operations Course (JCOPC), or other similar military operational planning courses, may be substituted for JPME I. 
Strong attention to detail and organizational skills. 
Excellent communications skills. 
Strong analytical and problem solving skills 
Additional years of Joint Operational Planning Experience, with higher levels of planning responsibility, planning/technical expertise, and staff experience, particularly at USCYBERCOM, Cyber Mission Force, NSA, Combatant Commands or Components, or Joint Staff.
Related Cyberspace, SIGINT or Intelligence Planning Experience
JPME Phase II or other similar military operational planning courses.
Command & Staff, Senior Service College, or Advanced Service Planner School (SAMS, SAASS, JAWS, etc)
Masters or higher level graduate degrees
Advanced technical and/or planning expert. Able to independently develop cyberspace requirements, objectives, plans and orders through all phases of military operations.
Knowledge or expertise in Cyberspace Policy and Doctrine at the DOD and Interagency levels.
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