VTC Engineer

Location: Pearl Harbor, HI
Date Posted: 10-11-2017
Video Teleconference Engineer
Provide all engineering services and technical support to HQ PACAF necessary to operate, maintain, and modernize PACAF's IP VTC capability.
Location- Hickam AFB
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Engineer, design, and implement best-of-class MAJCOM-level enterprise IP VTC solutions for PACAF, to include the migration of existing PACAF C2 studios from ISDN Dial-Up to IP VTC technology.
  • Maintain and provide configuration management information that shall include but not be limited to: equipment hardware make/model, version numbers of installed software, as-built drawings, serial numbers, and all passwords.
  • Ensure technical solutions comply with all applicable DoD regulations and industry standards.
  • Provide AMX engineering support to include; initial setup, programming, peripheral integration, and testing.
  • Provide operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting support to HQ PACAF staff and on-site operators/maintainers.
  • Monitor system and network operations and notify users when systems display non-standard or out of tolerance behavior.
  • Apply technical expertise to mitigate potential system problems before they occur.
  • Resolve all IP VTC service interruptions and technical problems in a timely manner if they should occur.
  • Provide AMX technical support to existing studio customers.
  • Upon request may have to conduct site visits to perform equipment configuration surveys, provide training, and install new equipment at Government facilities throughout the PACAF AOR.
  • Upon completion of site surveys, provide complete documentation of all pertinent information, including:
    • Spare NIPR/SIPR port (as applicable)
    • Power
    • Floor plan and layout
    • Equipment rack/cabinet inventory
    • Current configurations including the following:
    • Projectors/display monitors
    • Speakers and wiring
    • A/V Controller
    • Rack profile
    • Special integration (room lighting, curtains, screen, other)
  • Provide enterprise-level system administration for the PACAF VTC enterprise.
  • Provide centralized (enterprise level) system administration for PACAF's IP based VTC systems on the NIPRNet and SIPRNet.
  • Ensure all PACAF IP and ISDN based VTC systems are configured in accordance with DISA best practices and Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG).
  • Participate and be a member of the PACAF VTC Configuration Control Board (CCB).
  • Assist  the  CCB  by  ensuring  only  approved  products,  best  practices,  and  DISA  approved configurations are acquired and implemented.
  • Testing all patches, updates, and new VTC applications prior to deployment.
  • Review all change request and technical solutions for new requirements to ensure compliance with best practices and DISA guidance.
  • Review all change requests and end point/studio tech solutions and provide recommendations to the PACAF VTC PM.
  • Ensure no system changes or new requirements are implemented without the PACAF VTC PM's (verbal or written) approval.
  • Provide centralized hardware/software management for IP based VTC (IP-VTC) systems on the NIPRNet and the SIPRNet. The contractor will ensure that PACAF
  • VTC systems are in compliance with DISA STIGs and all hardware and software is kept up to date in accordance with DISA guidance.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Experience with Department of Defense and or other related federal agencies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications or Computer Science preferred
  • 7+ years’ experience designing, engineering, implementing and managing Enterprise VTC solutions supporting secured and unsecured services in a DISN environment, to include experience with:
    • VTC infrastructure system (e.g., bridging, call control, firewall traversal, endpoint management systems, and classification switching)
    • VTC endpoints (e.g., personal, soft client, suites, and mobile solutions)
    • Ability to configure, test, and administer installed VTC solutions (e.g., bandwidth control, network security, and call routing)
    • Audio/Video Integration (e.g., installation, configuration, and test A/V solutions)
    • Video   conference   hosting   (e.g.,   schedule,   participant   coordination,   and connection information dissemination)
    • Experience with A/V systems, to include utilization, functionality, and technical support

      Certification Preferred
    • DISN Video Services (DVS) Facilitator I and II
    • AMX Certified Expert (ACE)
    • Security+
    • Extron Control
  • Strong communications skills including written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal.
  • Ability to work well in a team environment interacting effectively with all levels of staff
  • Ability  to  create  and  update  functional  documentation  and  convert  into  technical specifications
  • Security Clearance a must
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt to an ever changing environment

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